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Fitness Definitely Has It's Rewards 

With Zeamo Rewards, you start earning the minute you activate your rewards account. Earn points for viewing on-demand workouts, live-stream class check-ins, booking gym workouts, and attending in-studio classes. Want to earn more rewards? Connect your wearable fitness tracking device and earn points for things you already do every day! Once you're connected, you'll earn more points for the step and activity minute data your device sends directly to your rewards account. 

Earning Activities  


Activate Your Benefit                                                                100 points           


Create Your Rewards Account                                              100 points           


On-Demand Video Views                                                              5 points               

Refer A Co-Worker Who Activates                                      100 points          

Their Zeamo Benefit

Zeamo Partner Gym/Studio Visit                                               5 points                

Every 1000 Steps  (Up to 10,000 per day)                                 1 point                     


Enroll In Zeamo Unlimited Gym & Studio                           250 points           



Zeamo Rewards 

With Zeamo Rewards, it doesn't matter where you workout. Inside, outside, at the gym, or in your living room, all activity counts. Link your wearable fitness tracking device and start racking up those rewards points for everyday activity! 

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